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    ScienceT-shirts.com and LabRatGifts.com Celebrate the grand opening of new mall kiosk with massive dance party!

    ScienceT-shirts.com and LabRatGifts.com Celebrate the grand opening of new mall kiosk with massive dance party!

    For the past few months we have been hard at work getting everything together for the grand opening of three new LabRatGifts.com retail locations, and the time is finally here! We are officially open for business!

    The staff here at Lab Rat Gifts has been working so hard and we're all very excited about this expansion into three southern New Hampshire malls. In fact we're so excited about it, we cant stop dancing!

    Watch our new video and join in on the celebration by coming to one of the new kiosks and picking up some great science themed gifts!


    Microbé GO

    Microbé GO

    Gotta collect them all! Become the ultimate Microbe Master at LabRatGifts.com!

    Spend all day training and soon you'll actually enjoy battling colds. You can find every type of Microbé at a few key MicrobéStops, because we always have a Lure on them.

    MicrobéStops can be found at the
    following locations!

    Lab Rat Gifts Outlet Store
    6 Delaware Drive, Salem NH 03079
    The Mall at Rockingham Park, Salem NH*
    Find us in front of Josh's Toys
    The Pheasant Lane Mall, Nashua NH*
    Find us in front of the Kid's Area
    The Mall of New Hampshire, Manchester NH*
    Find us next to Cinnabon
    *Opening August 1st!

    Thank You ASM Microbe 2016!

    Thank You ASM Microbe 2016!

    We just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone who came to support us at ASM Microbe in Boston! This was our biggest and most exciting show yet and we had so much fun coming down and showing you guys all our fun shirts! We're proud to be your choice for science themed t-shirts.

    And don't worry we have already booked our place at ASM Microbe 2017 in New Orleans!

    Keep an eye out for updates about the 2017 show at: www.asmmicrobe.org

    Visit us at ASM Microbe!

    Science T-shirts and Lab Rat Gifts will be attending the ASM Microbe Conference at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center from June 16-20th!  

    We will be at booth #216 Friday- Monday 8am to 3pm 

    Come visit for great deals on a ton of merchandise for you and the other science lovers in your life. Spin our Deal Wheel to save even more!

    ASM Microbe will be showcasing organizations and hosting events and discussions across different scientific topics and focuses. These topics include applied and environmental science, ecological and evolutionary science, molecular biology and physiology, host-microbe biology and more.

    For more information about ASM Microbe 2016 click here.

    Welcome to Science T-Shirts!

    Hey there and welcome to ScienceT-shirts.com! We are a division of LabRatGifts.com that wants to express our love of science by making it wearable. We hope you'll express your love of science by wearing it.

    We have the worlds largest selection of science themed t-shirts for men, women, children, and infants! Its never too early or too late to get into science! We've got biology tees, chemistry tees, Star Wars tees, Big Bang Theory tees and we're always adding more!

    Have fun shopping around and be sure to check us out on social media!